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Hi and welcome to Markham Painting Studio's website
Multiple Games Workshop featured artists
 Armies on parade Local Winner 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015
Multiple Golden Demon Finalist
Commissions of all types undertaken
Honest and friendly service
Worldwide Insured Postage
Over 17 Years Experience

Here at Markham painting studio we try and give the best service to wargaming enthusiasts that we can. We've done commission work for all types of models, from Games Workshop/Forgeworld to Garden Gnomes and Dolls Houses

We paint toys,single miniatures, squads, scenery and full armies. We try to give the best commission painting service that we can to fit most peoples budgets.

We have been painting full time for over 6 years full time and have clients from Europe, to Australia and everywhere in between

Please see the Gallery page for some of our work and to follow our progress for Golden Demon and Armies on parade entries 
Now painting Flames of War!!! Pics to follow shortly 

Check out our models on Ebay:


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