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Death Company Army

Full Army for Sale 1x Astorath the Grim 5x Death Company (Power Fist, 2x Thunderhammers, Flamer and 2x Meltaguns) 7x Devastator Squad (Forgeworld Heavy weapons, 1x Lascannon, 1x Plasma Cannon, 1x Heavy Bolter, 1x Multi Melta, 2x Plasma guns and 1x Sargent) 5x Scouts (sniper rifles) 2x Baal Predators (Assault Cannon, Storm Bolters and Heavy Flamers) 2x Vindicators (Hunter Killer Missiles) 2x Stormravens (Magnetized top weapons, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon and Assault Cannon, Front Mounted weapons, Missile Launchers, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolters) 1x Furioso Dreadnought (Frag Cannon, Melta Gun and Blood Fist) 2x Death Company Dreadnoughts (Twin Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer (2), Melta gun (1) and Storm Bolter) 1x Rhino (Storm Bolter) 1x Drop Pod (Missile Launcher) Contact us to make an offer!!!
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