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Model and Diorama commission based painting service


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Example Prices 2012

 Games Workshop

Small Models (eg GW Skaven/Goblins) £3-£7* each

Larger, more detailed Models (eg Elves/Humans/GW Space Marines)  £5-£10* each 

Big Models (eg Ogres etc) £6-£12* each

Mounted Human sized models £8-£20* each

Large Mounted models (GW Ogre Mournfang Cavalry/ GW Space Marine Bikes) £15-£20* each

Characters/Heroes/Captains etc £15-£90* each

Small Warmachines (Cannon/Chariots/Drop pods)  £30-£65* each

Larger Warmachines/Tanks £50-£150* each

Titan/Massive models* £150-£1250* + 


Flames of War

Small Tanks/Vehicles £7-£20* each

Medium/Large Tanks/Planes £10-£25 

Troops/Guns £8-£17 




These above prices are intended to give an idea of pricing, please email us for a firm quote.

*Prices can change without notice