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Terms of Service/FAQ

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Terms of Service/FAQ



Because of the specialized, custom nature of what we do, we have very strict policies.

We ask for a deposit before starting a project. This is a binder and commits you to the completion of the project. You are making a commitment to see the project through and not cancel it for any reason.

There are no cash refunds except at the discretion of MPS. We are willing to re-work a project or possibly give a credit.

All sales are final to out-of-country clients. Take a good look at the pics (we are happy to take more or make alterations). Once a project reaches you there are no returns! We can’t be responsible after that. That doesn’t mean we won’t sort out problems, it just means we’re not technically required to.

These are our Terms of Service.

Contact Inquiries

Email: [email protected]

Getting A Quote

If you’d like a quote, fill in the “contact us” form with your details and with type of model, quantity and colours/basing required, the more detail the better!


We do undertake slight conversion work when required, we dont take on jobs which require very complicated conversion work as the cost in doing so is very high. If in doubt please contact us to discuss

What You Are Buying

Most of our work is put on the website or at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tmarkhampainting/.

We do not put up the best work and deliver something different. If you like what you see in our pictures, you will like what you receive. That is what you are buying.

Purchasing the Models
You can supply/buy your own models or we can supply the models. The second option is usually the best as we can chase up problems or delays more easily

If you buy your own models you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to us. We accept models shipped directly from a retailer.

If you are sending your models it is advised to send an invoice detailing the contents of your package.

we cannot be held liable for delay in projects because of items on backorder.

You can assemble the models yourself or we can assemble them for you
We usually like to assemble models, due to painting issues this can make it easier for us.

We clean mold lines, wash resin and pin where necessary. If you assemble the models yourself we usually need to do some work cleaning or fixing postage breakages

We ask you to not use the sugar based super glues available as they do not work very well.

Project Completed

When a project is done, we will take pictures. These will be uploaded to Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/tmarkhampainting/) and/or the website.

We are happy at this stage to make alterations or touch up minor errors.

If models are not paid for within thirty days of completion they are forfeit. We are serious about getting paid within 30 days maximum. If you think you might go over that time please contact us to make arrangements.


We accept payments through Paypal, bank transfer (please contact for this) or postal order/cash or personal cheque (please allow upto 10 working days for this to clear) You can pay with a credit card through Paypal at www.paypal.com Setting this up is as easy as any credit card checkout on a typical website.

The whole cost must be settled before models are shipped. This includes shipping costs

Markham Painting Studio is not liable for what happens with the models after you get them. You assume all risk of owning and handling the models. You agree to hold Markham Painting Studio Harmless. By using our service you are agreeing to this.

We offer no guarantee, express or implied. Any remedy is at our discretion.

Having said that, you can be sure that any problems will be followed up on. We really just want to avoid any un-reasonable-ness.


We always ship completed models via an insured and tracked service. This cost is the customers responsibility and will be discussed when the model/s are completed. Larger models such as Titans may be expensive to ship abroad.

MPS is not responsible for import taxes or charges


We pack models in the best way possible to eliminate breakages and damage sustained whilst travelling through the postage system

Shipping Type (default is Royal Mail Small Packets Insured and Tracked)

We cannot accept liability for goods damaged in transit. You are purchasing services from two different entities: Markham Painting Studio for your materials and service; DHL or Royal Mail to get your package to you in reasonable condition. If your package is damaged en route that’s an issue to take up with the parcel carrier.


Extra parts from kits that we buy on behalf of a client are not returned except on request. If you would like the bits please let us know


You can expect your project to get done in Seven to twelve weeks from the time we receive your models. Delays are typically caused by availability of raw materials. We do not guarantee delivery by a certain date, only that we will make a good effort. All time-scales are estimates only

Matching Existing Work

We are often asked if we can match or duplicate work done by other painters. We can match colour schemes. In most cases we can do an reasonable job of matching work. However, we do not guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same.

If you are worried about matching as closely as possible, you should send a sample model or two

Disclaimers and Warnings

We sometimes use magnets in our products. These are purchased from another company and here follows their WARNING. These are very powerful and could be dangerous if not handled with proper care. Do not bring within 12 inches of any magnetic based storage devices such as desktop or laptop computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, or credit cards. Keep away from computer monitors, VCRs and TVs. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker please ask your doctor about possible risks before purchasing. Do not let these magnets snap together with their full force or they will break and quite possibly send small pieces of metal flying in all directions. Do not attempt to machine or drill these magnets– high temperatures during these processes could cause the magnets to ignite releasing toxic fumes. Do not heat the magnets to above 175F (80C) as this will cause them to lose all of their magnetic properties. It is advisable to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling these magnets. Large magnets can pinch very hard. Do not allow magnets to come together fast or between your skin as they can draw blood, or possibly even break bones. Do not swallow the magnets or attached parts. Keep away from children and pets.

These are NOT toys for children. Please keep away from minors.

Misquotes: if a quote on an email is clearly incorrect we reserve the right to modify it to show the correct amount.

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